Halfdaywebinar: Windows 10 May 2019 update (v1903)

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With a new Windows 10 release around the corner, many wonders if the update is worth the effort. Enterprise organisations are struggling to keep up with the semi annual releases. My biggest tip, go for servicing updates from windows update. These updates gets faster and faster for each release.

Windows servicing updates is restructured to do most of the work in the background. Download, install and prepare. When the user gets prompted for restart, most of the work is done and the restart is pretty quick. Microsoft also added a possibility for automatic sign-on after update. Saving even more time for the process.

But, what if the clock is five minutes to dinner and the user wants to shutdown the computer and get out of work quickly. Shutdown and update, restart and update? Here comes a new option, Shutdown (without update)!

Microsoft has also decided to reserve 7GB of space to be able to update itself. hopefully this will prevent the “out of diskspace” problems and helpdesk calls.

A really cool new feature is the Windows Sandbox! A complete windows 10 temporary vm with alzheimers that can be up and running in no time. Perfect for testing apps, script, code, and demo. When shutdown it forgets everything! Like a Windows goldfish!

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