WVD saved my day!

I started this morning with a Windows 10 Insider update. I always try to be ahead of development and run the latest version available. Sometime it bites me in the back. This time it failed and I got a smiling screen. This just 10 minutes before a 4 hour online workshop. Started to t-shoot but could not get it up and running.

I started to think out of the box. How can I get up and running as fast as possible. Windows Virtual Desktop!

I plugged in my Samsung Galaxy to the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Connected to my companys WVD. Started up teams and off we go!

4 hours of workshop in Microsoft Teams with Powerpoints and Demos. Worked like a charm.

About The Author

Mr T-Bone

Torbjörn Tbone Granheden is a Solution Architect for Modern Workplace at Coligo AB. Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on Enterprise Mobility. Certified in most Microsoft technologies and over 23 years as Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

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